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CD “Sick” der Band – Sissy.


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Psychodelischer Gesang eingebettet in experimentelle Newmetal-Riffings.

SISSYs Erstlingswerk SICK hat alle Gothic-, Metal- und Newmetal-Fans begeistert.

When hearing the Band name SISSY, one should not be confused by it’s feminine touch! SISSY is an Alternative Metal Band consisting of five members, with down-tuned heavy guitars and multifarious singing
Too often we are categorised as “New Metal”. Actually we are a rock band with role models from yesterday. Without letting ourselves being influenced by present musical trends, we do our own music.
Albert is not only into heavy guitar riffing, but he is also into hammering down hill on his hi-tech mountainbike.
Flo is the australian guy. He plays guitar and likes wearing shorts in winter.
Toby, the singer, originally founded the band a few years ago.
Timo is our drummer, and has the keys to the practice room.
Domenik, bass guitar, also has keys to the practice room.

The rocking songs can be very agressive and wild, but, at the same time are very melodius with catchy tunes.
SISSY is a synonym for honest, hand-made music.
Their lyrics in english deal with the problems of growing (Do U know U’re Daughter) up ,the connection between love and hate or casted bands without a character (Rock’n‘Roller)

SISSY’s home is definitely the stage! They love playing live, and their audience will appreciate this fact!


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