Nebel in mir
1. Opfermoor
2. 1001 Nacht
3. Schlangenbrut
4. Ruf der Erde
5. Falscher Stolz
6. Sieben Leben
7. Schrei nach dir
8. Maria
9. Weil sie anders sind
10. Nebel in mir
1. Drachenherz
2. Dornennaht
3. Adler
4. Vergessenes Land
5. Nacht ohne Zeugen
6. Hochzeitstanz
7. Glockenschrei
8. Jagdblut
9. Helden
10. Seelenfänger
11. Völkerzauber
12. Abyssus

The Australian sounds of the didgeridoo paired with drums, hard guitar riffs and German lyrics that get under your skin. It is unique and fascinating. They take you through the world´s gate of rituals. The journey begins here and now! Welcome in the world of Astrum et Abyssum.


Already founded in 1992 the combo around frontwoman Beate Scherer, formerly known as Heaven and Hell, made a name for themself in the area of Rhein/Neckar and beyond that.
Because Black Sabbath has been on tour again under their old name Heaven and Hell the band their name into Astrum et Abyssum in 2008 to demonstrate respect to the legends.
It's difficult to classify ASTRUM ET ABYSSUM into rock or metal because there is no other band with similar extraordinary instruments. Gunther's fat riffs and melodious guitar solos harmonize with Ralf's pushing and droning bass. Everything bases on Jack's hard and straight drumbeats. Native American, African and also Australian percussions by Peter combined with the exotic sounds of the didgeridoo meld all instruments to an individual style. The whole concept is exceptionally completed by singer and songwriter Biety. She makes the sound round with her powerful voice and German lyrics.

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  1. Astrum et Abyssum: Drachenherz
  2. Astrum et Abyssum: Nacht ohne Zeugen
  3. Astrum et Abyssum: Opfermoor
  4. Astrum et Abyssum: Nebel in mir
Beate Scherer: Vocals
Gunther Schroth:Guitar
Jürgen Stephan: Drums
Markus Cappel: Percussions
Hajo Kornalewski: Bass

Astrum et Abyssum
Astrum et Abyssum
Astrum et Abyssum
Nacht ohne Zeugen
Astrum et Abyssum
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